The Miqlat Project

The Miqlat Project

from slavery to safety

The sex trafficking industry is everywhere

Research shows that in America there are more sex trafficking points of sale than there are Starbucks. The sex traffic industry generates an average of $150 billion a year world-wide, making it one of the top three criminal industries.

The Miqlat Project knows that there is redemption for anyone who is ready and willing to receive it. With over a decade of experience in successfully rescuing the exploited, we have cultivated a proven method of offering hope to women.

Miqlat has been fighting against sex trafficking internationally for over a decade. Today, we are focused on reaching women throughout San Diego County and the Greater Southwest. The darkness is great, but hope is greater!

You can make a difference today


How you can help

Miqlat’s mission is carried out by every day people just like you. It makes no difference if you have ever encountered sexual exploitation yourself. What matters is that you have compassion for the enslaved. If it ignites a fire in your spirit, then you’re ready to help bring freedom to victims who desire a new way of life.

Miqlat needs your help

We build individual friendships with those caught in the slave industry, one woman at a time. Within a short period, a bridge of trust is formed that builds the confidence necessary for victims to take the next step and break free. When they are truly ready for a new way of life, we partner with other well-established organizations to safely offer relocation.

Become the hand of rescue and help provide hope for survivors with your generous donation.


For more information about us and our process please contact us here.

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