The Miqlat Project

The Miqlat Project

from slavery to safety

Together, we can build a safer world

The political power established in many countries prey on the vulnerabilities that poverty creates, leaving victims with nowhere to turn. Women and children are particularly vulnerable to violence and trafficking when no laws, police, or government, motivated to protect them.

Miqlat International has been successfully rescuing innocent women and children internationally for over a decade. We have established our presence around the world and inside the brothels. We have earned the trust of brothel owners who allow us to enter their establishments. This access presents the opportunity for us to show women and their children the care, friendship, and hope they all deserve.

We know that people want a quick solution to sex trafficking, but there’s really no quick solution. It’s one smile, one friendship, one life at a time.

You can help us pave the way

Our greatest needs today

When we demonstrate unconditional love to victims, they begin to understand their true worth and value. Over time and in a safe home, they are able to heal and move into an independent, meaningful life.

In remote parts of the world we are providing schools, building homes, housing orphans, and offering emotional and physical support to these women and their children. A little goes a long way in these remote places so no matter the amount you sow, we pledge to stretch every dollar.

Miqlat International is relentless

It is unacceptable to know that every night young children are being sold for sex. Motivated by this fact, we relentlessly continue to build relationship, rescue, relocate, heal, and empower survivors of sex slavery worldwide. And we will not stop.

With almost 50 million people living in slavery today it can seem like an overwhelming task. But with your support, we know all things are possible.

Because the evil of sex trafficking can’t be defeated alone, consider becoming one more hand of rescue with your generous donation.


Join our unstoppable force for freedom that is changing the world, one life at a time. Please contact us here for more information.